I'm a Special Operations Agent working for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A). It is my job to support my partner, Chris Redfield, in fighting against bioterrorism and apprehend those involved in them.

-- All RE verses of Jill.
Independent blog for Jill Valentine of the Resident Evil, Marvel vs Capcom and Project X Zone VIDEO GAME franchise.

Jill Valentine

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Hello everyone.

I am finally off hiatus, I deeply apologize if I have worried and/or troubled some of you.
I realized that  I’ve been gone for already a full week and as you already know (thanks to aequitasetarete) that I was struck with the flu. (No not Ebola. If it was, I would not be here typing all of this to you. I’d probably be isolated somewhere in a hospital and in full quarantine lol. — and probably dead by now.) I’m fully recovered, I feel much better. Thank you all for waiting.

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                         An uncommon way to meet a black marketer that could carry quantities of weapon and armory would be one on a freakish Ghost Ship. That was supposed to be unlikely… but in Jill’s case, she was either dreaming or had too much sea water from a half-way sinking Zenobia.

“…You’re not supposed to be here buddy. Better question, how the hell did you get on this ship?” 


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  • I’m one of the top tier female Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate players in the state of NJ.
  • I have been using Adobe Photoshop since I was 19 years old.
  • I am friends with Koei-Tecmo Europe Community Manager, Chin Soon Sun.
  • I am of mixed Hispanic, Asian and European descent.
  • Have a heavy obsession with Japanese Cherry Blossoms.
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     Lagoon blue orbs flicker about their surroundings, taking in anything that should be noted to good memory. The trek through the dense and dark growth of trees thin out as he comes upon a eerily long flight of steps up, too where he assumed, the entrance would most likely be and began to venture upwards.

     Once more Leon is taking in the over all style of this castle. It looked nothing like the one he encounter in Spain, it in fact, looked much much longer then the Salazar Castle. It also appeared to be enormous. Almost twice the size of Salazar’s. He would be impressed—- but rather disappointed in his target’s lack of style and their almost painfully cliche choice of cover.

        Couldn’t people be as creative as they were with making viruses?
        Evidently not.
        Because he was about to walk into a classical monster horror movie it seemed.

     The silence of the dark forest surrounding him soon started to turn unnerving. Causing the agent to falter in his steps as he stopped and listened. Ears sharp to catch anything out of the normal. It was just too quite for his likings. Scanning though the tree lines, the bushes and dead branches, he found nothing. Herd nothing. Only what came naturally in such a large and think forest. The rustle of trees, the moans and creaks as they softly bent with breeze. A scowl twitches at thin lips as Leon turns back towards the unraveling flight of steps before him. Carrying way up towards the top.


     Leon’s gaze snaps up and his fire is raised high. Brows furrow deeply in question and lips  curl as he rushes himself forward. All but nearly skipping steps in attempt to reach the top with haste. Halting himself upon double Victorian style doors. The aging, rested metal seal struggling to stay strong against the forces of nature.

Someone must have gone inside.

      Slowly a hand grip the doorknob, twists it with such ease, and swings it open. Pivoting on the heels of his feet too angle himself in such a manner of defense as he enters, weapon at ready. Sights instantly landing upon a womanly figure.

                Don’t move.He orders, his tone serious and firm. He can only hope the woman will listen.




                         It was only a matter of time before she could continue on further with her investigation, someone had decided to take the wrong approach. That someone was definitely a male, a commanding one at that. He had ordered Jill not to move for that moment, it was obvious he had a firearm at ready and aimed at her from the rear. What he didn’t know, and considering how dark it was inside with dim light candles, he was pointing the gun at the wrong person.

"You really have some nerve pointing that thing around, do you point guns at your own mother too?” issuing a sassy tone with pursed tiers and follows suit with a scoff.

Careful scrutinizing ocean pools acknowledges her surrounding area, despite the threatening male behind her. She needed to think of a plan to turn the tables around, being the one with a gun pointed at your spine was not very attractive at all.

In a tight position right now, if I move, he will fire. I will need to plan this accordingly and not commit fault or else, my ass is his… whoever he is. What are my options?

She was dead silent now, prepping for a possible outcome that will land her the victor, but she needed some sort of lead in order for her to be motivated in taking him down. She wanted to give him quite a show.

Good old martial arts is the way to go. Running is an option, but won’t help. Need to know who the attacker is. Here goes…

Jill slowly began to back up towards him with caution. She withdraw her gun into the holster to make him believe she was going to give herself in, she counted the seconds it took for her to reach the tip of the weapon.


With rapid speed, she rotated herself 180˚ and vigorously grapples the man’s midsection of his right upper limb tightly, whilst keeping a hold of him in a slight arm-lock and a shoulder for support. Then, forces a blow to the upper thorax with her elbow and finalizes it with a hard slam of her knee into the man’s abdominal area to throw him off. With much luck, she managed to confiscate the gun from his possession.

There she was, standing and facing before him with the 9mm pistol aimed steady.

                                      "Who the hell are you?” interrogated the now irked female operative.



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